I offer lessons in bluegrass flatpicking, cross-picking and rhythm, Travis-style fingerpicking, fiddle tunes, country and folk songs, pop tunes and most everything else in between.  I'll show you the ropes from beginning to advanced guitar playing.



Banjo instruction includes an A - Z  approach to bluegrass (Scruggs, melodic, single-string and hybrid styles), as well as Appalachian clawhammer, drop-thumb and frailing.  Improvisation is also examined.


Mandolin students will be shown the classic "Monroe" approach to bluegrass music, both as lead and rhythm players.  Other styles include new-acoustic or "jamgrass" mandolin, and related jazz/swing concepts.



Aspiring singers are encouraged to explore the essentials of their craft.  Lessons involve the essentials of pitch, timbre and projection; harmony construction is also investigated.


Songwriting instruction includes a step-by-step guide through lyric and harmonic placement, as well as an exploration of thematic and poetic development. 

Band tutorials & demos

Whether you play with friends for fun or want to take your performing band to the next level, I can help with customized tutorials, demo preparation, and studio guidance.